The Duck

A duck quacking
his language
to the sky
perhaps was telling
a goose was left behind
away from the flock
a goose is failing
a goose is falling
because was weak
because was sick
perhaps shivering
perhaps too slow
was left behind
to fence alone

And down
the birds are chirping
pigeons are cooing
at their new home
around the roof
ornated edges
and water proofed
pigeons are dancing
they coo a song
blue feather pigeons
grey feathers
dark feathers
white feather too
overseeing, looking
out down below
saying goodby
to the lone goose

As the moon watches
with faded eye
from the distance

Are the ducks quacking?
Are the birds chirping?
Are the pigeons cooing?
Is the moon watching?
And celebrating
how the lone goose
down in the pond
found a sweetheart
to make a home
Rejoice the world
Blessed be the Lord