I was given this morning
a crown of laurels
to place upon my head
for unaccomplishments
some tickets to be spent
on short trips to delightland
and places far away
that’s why, my dear Benjamin,
I will leave you someday
to meet the one who crowned me
to find a place to rest
by his side in a dreamland
to never more return

Oh, dear, dear Benjamin,
I don’t want to complain
I wanted to be with you
holding your hand again
to guide you through the maze
But you have found already
a place to sing and play
a guitar that bewitches
with the song that creates
in myriad odes, tunes, rhymes
that compels you to stay

So, very dear Benjamin,
I will go very slowly
without turning my head
with bags of your smiles
and a drawing you made
two yellow flowers painted
in a hurriedly way

I will plant you a garden
in the country of bliss
with teardrops like maize
helped by brothers and sisters
that will water the place
soon will grow amethysts
blue sapphires and jade

We’ll make believe each morning
is a heavenly play
at each visit you pay
someday your own beloved
will meet you at the shade
of the emerald grapevine
that quenches all the thirst

If someday you grow weary
should you decide to stay
me, who loved you one morning
who lent you flesh and shape
He who waits for eternity
hoping that you awake
at every breath you take
He’ll never grow impatient

He will always stay
deep in that heart of yours
as intelligent bliss
to lighten your smiles
taking you to the place
where no one grows old:
country of children-men.