Blue Pearl

Smiles like a spring
long eye lashes make shade
for two pools, lighted coals
at the noon of the day.
Teasing, he gave me water
and a trinket to play
a live glowing blue diamond
that became a bubble
and he jumped into it
hide and seek of my faith
I played and laughed with it

then became reflections
like mirrors
on the walls

He becomes now dissolves
as a carousel turns
sweet a merry go round
spin the head as turns
honey sweet the arrow pierces
the heart, the hands, the head
lost in the light he shines
bright that blinds me

We slide, lift, sway
lost in the light the Soul
We rock, wave
and dissolve,
I became a mirror
valley, river, plant, earth
I died to rise again

I was the hand, feet, heart
his light became my head
danced to the moon, the light
danced to the sea, the waves
we danced the here and now
in the wonder of bliss